Located in historic Downtown Cloverdale, BC, the Clova is a great venue for a wide variety of events.



1940’s Charm and Modern Amenities

A Venue for Just About Anything.

Well…maybe not anything. The Clova has been host to PAC fundraisers, weddings, memorial services, dramatic productions, concerts, graduation ceremonies, independent film screenings, cast holding and film production.


If you have any questions about how the Clova could help make your event that much better, use the contact form below.


General Availability

When can you book the Clova?
The Clova is home to Crossridge Church and is used, primarily, as a church building. All bookings are subject to availability. Sunday bookings are not available until after 1pm.

Availability is EXTREMELY limited. Due to ongoing events and activities, we are only able to accommodate a few groups per year.

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